Oktober voorbij, November begint ....

Met mijn schilderijen gaat het niet zo goed, ben erg aan het tobben .... Ben dus maar even verder gegaan in mijn Moleskine. De oktober-pagina's moesten afgemaakt worden, en november is ook al begonnen, dus hoog tijd om die pagina's ook te maken ;-)

I am struggling with my paintings ..... I put them aside and worked in my Moleskine. October pages needed to be finished, and since November started I had to prepare these pages too ;-)

En ook de volgende pagina afgemaakt, voor de Art, Heart & Healing workshop ... Ik was een beetje pissig toen ik deze pagina afmaakte, en voelde ook echt de woorden die ik erbij geplakt heb ... This is me, take it or leave it ! 

And I finished the following page, for the Art, Heart & Healing workshop .... Don't know if it healed me, I  was sort of pissed off when I finished this one. And I really felt the words I glued in ... This is me, take it or leave it !

Zo, en nu ga ik foto's van mijn schilderij uploaden, zodat mijn leraressen zich over het probleem kunnen buigen. Eens kijken of het nog te redden is ;-)

And now I will upload photos of my painting, and see if my wonderful teachers can help me save this one ;-)

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Janie Husband zei

i had to laugh at the pissed off part....i am doing this free workshop of tam's also and i wrote some things, now covered up with gesso, that i would like to forget forever....not much healing here but am enjoying the workshop...

love your calender pages also....what a great idea... ;-)

Artistic Accents by Darla zei

She's beautiful Brigitte! I love your calendar pieces too! thanks so much for your visits and inspiring comments!

thekathrynwheel zei

Love your calendar pages :-) You are way ahead of me - I haven't even started November! Also really like the face in your journal. The words are great!

JoMo zei

Sometimes walking away from a painting is a good thing to do. You can return to it a week or month later and suddenly you know what needs to be happen next.
Love the calendar pages.

daisy zei

Love the vivid colours of your AHH layout & the details you've added. Beautiful.