Crusade no. 42 - Part 2

Vanavond dan toch eindelijk  mijn Moleskine pagina voor Crusade no. 42 afgemaakt. Zo zie je maar, ineens is er wat tijd en vooral ... wat inspiratie !

Tonight I finally finished my Moleskine page for Crusade no. 42. All of a sudden there was some time and, more important, some inspiration !

Een tijd geleden heb ik dit vel papier geschilderd. Gewoon bruin pakpapier  Wit zijdevloeipapier, en heel veel plezier ....

A few weeks back I painted this paper. Just ordinary brown packing paper white tissuepaper, and a little bit of fun ....

In repen gescheurd en in mijn journal geplakt, en verder afgemaakt met mijn vogel-sjabloon, en wat tekst. Vrij als een vogel ... dat zou ik willen zijn. Met een lichaam wat niet altijd kan wat ik wil, de tredmolen van het leven, soms zo moeizaam, en de slapeloze nachten die eindeloos lijken ....

Ripped the paper and glued strips into my journal and finished it with my bird-template and a little text. Translated it says : Free as a bird .. that's what I want to be. With a body that often can't do what I want, the every day life, sometimes so hard, and the sleepless nights without an end ....

En dat alles lijkt weer vergeten als ik deze mooie pagina bekijk, ik vind hem echt heel mooi geworden !

And I forget all those troubles immediately looking at my page, I really love how this one turned out !

19 opmerkingen:

Rosie zei

I'm with you on this one... it's a fabulous spread!! All the more beautiful because you ripped up your own paper... gorgeous!

michelle ward zei

Brigitte - the original painting is awesome! Love that you showed it to us before you ripped it. Love that you used your paper, like Rosie said. LOVE how it turned out! Love that you translated your thoughts for us - so we can know a little more about you. You are FLYING now :)

Janet zei

I don't think I could have ripped that beautiful paper you painted! But the pages turned out even more gorgeous. I love what it says.

Joan zei

Oh, I adore the bright colors! So pretty!

Stefanie zei

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog for this Crusade!

Your page looks great; I really love the colors you used, and anything with birds, or butterflies, or wings in general makes me happy :)

Gilding Lilies zei

This is wonderful! Thanks for the nice comment over on my blog too.

daisy zei

It's beautiful. I love the two flowers & the colours. Beautiful!

Jackie zei

Great journal pages - I think you were brave to rip your original painting, but it was definitely worth it!

JoAnne Del zei

Very pretty, I like the colors :-)

Kari zei

I love how your page turned out too! The blues and greens are so beautiful and I love the sentiment "Free as a bird!" So wonderful how one beautiful painting can turn into something else so beautiful and unexpected!

Lisa zei

What a pretty page. It makes me want to play with all the tissue papers I have. Your colors came out great.

sheila zei

I love the original painting and the creative way you used the strips and I am glad it was an encouragement for you too! Thanks for sharing.

cathsheard zei

Wonderful blues, I especially like all those patient white dots on the blue writing. I like the way you have taken the flowers right off the edges of the pages.

Michelle zei

Gorgeous paper - how did you manage to tear it up! I don't think I could have done it. But I do love you final layout!

Belinda zei

yes, fabulous pages! love the blue shades and doodle touches in particular

Beverley Baird zei

Love your journal pages! Love the whole process you described, from painted paper to strips andart!

joyfulploys zei

Fantastic the bird!

lena zei

WOW! Beautiful - I love the colours you have chosen. I wish you a lot of nights when you can sleep. Pain is no fun!

missy k zei

Gorgeous pages.... I love the colours and the bird... uplifting.