Art Journal - Pagina 3

Het woord van deze week was 'Accept' .... onze inspiratie een soort dagboekpagina. Het was voor mij geen geweldige week, maar ja, je moet het leven accepteren zoals het komt ;-)

Credits :
Art Journal Caravan Supplies
Christine Borgfeld brushes
Handstamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman

This weeks word was 'Accept', our inspiration a kind of daily journal page .... It hasn't been a great week for me, but we have to accept life the way it comes ;-)

3 opmerkingen:

Karin zei

Goed gedaan hoor Brigitte!


Otellie zei

Hi Brigitee.. I am Tilly, from Scheveningen, moved to Canada in 1953, I also have quite smoking, in 1992, best thing I
EVER did.. Congrats to you. Keep up the good work..I also just joined the Suzi Blu AND Arty Journal Caravan.. Have yet to start anything yet, that is how new I am to it all.. I wanted to just say hi and congratulate you on your achievements. I can read Dutch, but not write I had all my schooling in Canada. I live in Nova Scotia now.. Cheers, Tilly

vintage wil zei

Really beautiful work!!!