Week 17 - Zonder woorden

For my English readers :

No more photos this week. Right after the Fantasy Fair I wasn't in the mood, but our Queensday would give me plenty photo opportunities. But, things changed rapidly on April 30th ... And once again the proof that this world can be a horrible place to live. Is it my age or what ? I can't seem to handle these kind of things very well ..... I know, life goes on, but it's hard, it makes me angry, sad and a lot more .... So, this is it for this week, outlined my pages in black and journaled my feelings (and the events). Another day we will never forget .....

2 opmerkingen:

dawn zei

Must be horrible, but I have absolutely no idea what happened hun, I can't read Dutch!

Flohbock zei

I was also very shocked when I learned ... love you for everything!